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 Whole Hot Chilli Peppers - A Bootcamp Must For Girth PE

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PE Bootcamp

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PostSubject: Whole Hot Chilli Peppers - A Bootcamp Must For Girth PE   Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:00 am

Whole Chillis are a frightning thing for most, some people dont like chillis, others dont mind, but here at bootcamp we encourage you to eat at least 3 whole chillis per day before your main meal.

Why Chillis?
Chillis are known for speeding up the metabolic rate, and thats just a little with a meal, I have used chillis very heavily and seen girth of over 7 inches. I started at 5.5 and within 1.5 years my girth has shot up. We have put them on the bootcamp menue as THE most important thing you eat while doing PE.

What will it do?
It will speed up youre system, getting that blood to your penis faster each time you need it, you will wake up with a rock hard erection every time, it will aid your girth work we set you at bootcamp, you will feel all together more erect and the quality or the erection will be so much better that you will be bigger than ever within a few days.

How will I know if its working?
Harder erections, thicker flaccid and just a great looking erect penis, it will look more muscular and much fatter.

Are they bad for you?
Chillis are good for you, research this on the internet.

Side effects?
Depending on what you eat them with, we like to eat them whole, but YOU MUST TAKE THE SEEDS OUT. You might feel a little loose for the first period but after that you should adjust.


3 whole HOT Chillis per day before your meal. (The large chillis that come in a jar either in vinegar or brine, threse are usually greek mexican or italian, though some spanish are also available, if you are able to eat more then that is up to you, but you should stick with this amount)

1 whole fresh chilli with your food. (birdseye, habenero etc)

If you eat this every day, we will guarentee you will see a result. If you do this alongside the Bootcamp routine that we set you, you will see a difference with your penis thickness GUARENTEED.

Everything here at Bootcamp has been tried and tested and we only share things that WORK.

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Whole Hot Chilli Peppers - A Bootcamp Must For Girth PE
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