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 Clamping Routine

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PostSubject: Clamping Routine   Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:49 am

Equipment needed for clamping

* A Clamp – You want a clamp that is 1) Easy to get on and off 2) Fits snuggly around the penis. The Cable Clamp ™ is both of these. The easiest place to find Cable Clamps is at your local Wal-Mart in the hardware section. If you do not have a Wal-Mart ™ near you, find out where you can get cable clamps by clicking here. Attached to this thread are pictures of the cable clamps in packages.
* A Wrap- you can use any cloth material. Some popular wraps include a sock, Homedics magnetic wrap ™, Ace’s bandage ™, and even a strip of mouse pad. (Note: A srip of mouse pad is comfortable, can be reused, and can go in the washing machine. Additionally, the rubber side of the mouse pad prevents any slippage. To use a mouse pad, simply cut a six inch strip or more from a mouse pad. It does not have to be much wider than the clamp. When wrapping, face the cloth side towards the penis.)
* A way to stimulate your penis - girlfriend, porn, your hand, or Jessica Alba.
* A timer -it is easy to become distracted. Setting a timer will stop you from exceeding your desired time limit, which helps you avoid an injury.

. As always, warm up first.
. Stimulate your penis to erection. Note: If you prefer, you can put the cable clamp on at a lower erection and then build an erection once the clamp is in place.
. Wrap the base of your penis.
. Place clamp over wrap and tighten. The clamp should be as close to the pubic bone as possible.
. Stimulate the penis to the highest erection possible. Without causing any pain or discomfort, tighten the clamp as tight as possible.
. Kegel blood into the penis.
. Leave clamped for desired amount of time. If you are new to clamping, leave your penis clamped for no more than five to ten minutes.

* When you first start clamping, do 1 day on and 2 days off. Over time, move up in the number of days on, if needed.
* Kegel throughout the whole clamping session. This continually pushes more blood into the penis, creating greater expansion.
* Wait five to ten minutes between clamping sets. This will minimize the chance of an injury occuring, and maximize gains.
* While clamped, get up and move around if possible. This causes more blood to flow to the penis, creating more of an engorgement.

Good Clamping Signs
* Engorged penis
* Temporary growing. It is not uncommon for your penis to experience temporary growth of ½ inch in girth during and after clamping.
* Veins
* Apparent growth

Bad Clamping Signs
* Pain
* Numbness
* Tingling
* Coldness
* Penis turning very dark: It is normal for the penis to darken a few shades during a clamping session. However, if it turns very dark this is extremely bad. Note: if your penis color is normally very dark, then use other signs as an indication to stop.

More information coming soon. This thread has not been edited yet, please allow time, if you see anything on there that might be information from a site you know, please mention this and it will be taken down

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Clamping Routine
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