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PE Bootcamp

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PostSubject: what is   Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:39 am is a forum designed by a real PE'er, with over 2 years in experience. His handle is 17ml, he put together the website after gaining more than two inches between length and girth. girth has been the biggest focus, although not entirely deliberate.

No matter what he did in the two years of PE although he was aiming for length he just couldnt stop gaining girth, not that his gains were not wanted but he was frustrated as to how nobody on these forums seems to have such an easy time gaining girth, and a lot of people would give their length away for just a half of an inch with girth.

17ml started at around 5.3 inches in girth, not bad not great but not really big in some circles, he tried for length, but all he got was girth, length did come, but slowly, he is now 7 inches in girth, and 6.75-7 inches mid shaft, and its getting thicker every time he measures. ? HE has started a forum which focuses more on the individual, its a free forum and not a pay site like some have suggested, though if he does decide in the future to charge for the programme, please do not be worreid, there will still be the FREE forum, and if he did decide to do such a thing, it would be well worth the price tag.

I am a honest hard working reliable PE'er, though I did make a small mistake while starting this forum but im only human and nobody is perfect, though some might make out I intended to steal and copy TP and this forum, that is not what happened, and the forum we made was not charging any money for the articals you could get anywhere else for free.

The programme?

We call it BOOTCAMP, its aimed at each member like a military bootcamp, with intense training but only for your penis. Diet does play a roll, but do not worry its not pills or any other rubbish, and you do not have to buy anything from the forum.

This is the main diet of the true girth gainer. All of the gained girth I have found I wouldnt have gained half of it without chillis. But not just any kind, they have to be the right type and eaten at the right time, they infuse your penis, making it thicker than ever about one hour after eating them, and when the morning erection comes, you will notice a difference.

Why will Chillis help with PE?
My theory is that chillis help your penis to become fuller for longer, just like an ADS or a cockring, in a way its the perfect ADS, invisible nothing to wear, in fact bootcamp encourages you to wear no underwear. Thats right, nothing. The chillis must be eaten before meals and with meals. Birdseye chillis are the best alongside jar chillis in brine or vinegar. The hotter the better. If you have problems digesting such heat, then a glass of milk before each meal should do the trick. but this is afterall extreme PE, and it delivers girth no other routine will could possibly claim.

This is the exercise I give all the credit to, I have been hanging for around a year, and its hanging that has given all the girth, believe it or not, I use a bib hanger and I bought a used one online. girth would come so easy and I would have discomfort trying to put the hanger on. I realised after one year why I was gaining so much girth. Although the Chillis did play thier part like an invisible ADS, it was the jelqcrushes that I was doing that was giving all of the girth gains so quickly. They did come fast people, I have had over 0.75 inches of girth in six months.

What is a Jelqcrush
I named it this jelqcrushes after discovering it because it is exactly what it sounds like, painful, very painful, but only at first, and its not as though us PE'ers dont suffer a little pain from time to time, a lot of people will tell you its fatigue, yeah right, whatever pain is pain, lets not put painties and a girdle on it shall we? Pain scares some people, but its plain and simple, no pain no gain, although a lot of people will condemn this form of PE a lot will support it, over at MOS they support extreme PE, though I have not spent a lto of time there they seem to like to push the boundries, although TP does have a great forum and nice mods (love you Big M) and they might be a little bitter at me for starting a forum and not asking permission before copying an article, which was a stupid thing to do, I hope they will forgive 17ml for it because he had no intensions of stealing nor charging people for anything he copied for template purposes until he later had a chance to correct it.

Jelqcrush is an exercise that involves a device simular to a vice (a type of hanger for example), done up very tightly to grip the internals of the shaft, this must be done from the very base as far as possible, you tighten the hanger up to about 60 percent until you feel the internals of the shaft bite. As soon as you have a grip you pulse push (kegel) softly, this will hurt the first time, but nothing that you wont be able to endure, as you notice the vice move forward you will be moving the internals of the shaft toward the glans.
This is when you must tighten the clamp like device until you can tighten no more. This must be done on a complete flaccid penis. When you arrive at the glans you must hang as much weight as you are able for twenty minuites. This method of pulse pushing a clamp is the jelqcrush. But it must be done along side the hanging. Its like an extreme ULI, breaking down the tissues on the inside of the shaft but with added effectiveness from the hanging. Ulis alone will be a much slower and timid exercise.

The exact routine and support will be given at the forum will be offering 1 on 1 free support, for anyone who wants to sign up. It will cost you nothing to join, it is FREE. PE Bootcamp wants to push the boundries on girth PE and its founder has proven picture and video documentation at thunders place forum. There is no denying 17mls gains and the methods he has used. He has made no fake threads nor has he told any lies, and the people at TP know that all of his work has been documented.

17ml PE Bootcamp, is the real deal, it doesnt look to scam people, and it doesnt use fake pictures. Everything you see picture wise will be from its own member clientel, over 60 people have tried this programme so far, and every single one has gained over 0.60 in 100 days. I started this programme outside the public eye, via email and private messages on a forum. I wanted to help other people after recieving so many private messages of people following my progress thread at TP, literally 100s of people would email me or add on MSN, I offered to help the majority but eventually telling them about jelqcrushes could not be stopped.

I have started this forum to add an alternative to the usual PE forum, safe, slow, rest much, let gains come dont force them way of thinking, this is not how I gained the 7 inch girth I have. I worked hard, I dedicated time, I researched, I questioned, when I didnt gain, I pushed the boundries, yes I risked my penis, but without risk comes no reward. Am I stupid for doing this? Possibly, but I am the one sitting with seven inches of girth, I played the game and game away ontop. This might not be the same for everyone doing PE, and its not nice to have an injury, but IF YOU DONT PUSH, YOU WONT GET.

This is extreme PE, welcome to PE BOOTCAMP (FREE 1 on 1 intense PE PROGRAMME)

(mods please edit anything that is not welcome)

C0uld someone be kind enough to post a link or copy and paste this for TP, it would be nice to have this there to show them there is no hard feeling
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PostSubject: Re: what is   Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:09 am

This is sounding amazing, do you reccomend normal jelqing alongside the programme?

I have tried a few routine from other free PE place but I never seem to get anwhere, extreme PE sounds great. Will I have to follow the routine fully or is it ok to mix other stretches with ?
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what is
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