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 Good Ebook Free PE

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PostSubject: Good Ebook Free PE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:39 pm

Hey guys, since this forums kinda empty I though I'd share this great eBook I found a couple days ago it's got some really helpful information:

*sorry, please link the page from where the download is, have to be careful with this, it might get the forum into trouble if it is owned by someone who wont want it shared. You might have made a mistake, if you private message hte page, we will replace this text with the page link. Thank you for sharing.

It's 24 pages, got some solid information and hey, it's free! so I figured why not share Smile

PS - in the eBook it says it's ok to share it so I'm not breaking the authors rules or whatever

ENJOY cheers
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PE Bootcamp

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PostSubject: Re: Good Ebook Free PE   Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:38 am


Those guys are ok at heart, Usually people steal pictures from thier site and use them when making a pay site.

They saw an article on this forum which was just being used as a template to test it's design. They jumped to a conclusion that's is all.

They are still talking about 17ml (me) as if he is a crook, trying to encourage dangerous pe. The programme I have made that gives fast girth gains is not safe, but is any pe really safe? I think not. You will hear a lot of people rubbish it, but this a new age for pe and girth. This programme will give anyone girth. You are welcome to try.

The pe routine they didn't want at thunders.
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Good Ebook Free PE
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