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 The Jelcrush

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PE Bootcamp

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PostSubject: The Jelcrush   Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:09 am

This is the penis exercise that has given the best ever girth gains known to man in PE. A bold claim, but a true one, but true to who, you? No, true to me, I have been experimenting with PE for over 2 years, and I can tell you, it gave me girth when I wasnt even trying for it.

Thats true, I wasnt even trying to gain girth, I was trying to hang weights from my penis to gain length, I wanted length. I had gained girth and couldnt work out how it was happening.

It wasnt until I discovered what I was doing wrong with hanging that I knew instantly what had been causing the girth to pile on. It was the attaching of the hanger that I was using. I had to use a method that was quite painful just to grasp the shaft, and I started at the base and pushed forward, this was more difficult to hang being uncut. This method of exercise is brand new and has made me reach seven inches girth.

It is an extreme form of PE and until we release the step by step guide it will remain the most notorious form of PE to date.

The general idea is using a hanger or a very tight vice like device and tighten it onto your penis as far back as possible. You tighten it until you cannot stand it any tighter but careful not to cause damage.

You then grasp the shaft and make a grip then pull the vice up the shaft towards the glans, only on a flaccid penis, not an erection.

Then when you arrive at the glans you hang as much weight as possible for twenty min.

This is the exercise that they talk about on thunders place. The exercise they call too extreme. It works my friends. I'm one of the few people in the world that is a genuine Pe'er, with real experience who runs a forum, that IS offering a cutting edge routine that is being discussed all over the internet.

I am also one of few with respected and documented proof that is authentic from years of experience and even other forum owners will not deny this.

I am someone with video and picture proof. LEGITIMATE Documents, not photoshopped nor stolen. There will be much more information on this site as soon as it is finished, so you are welcome to sign up and watch it become the FREE great PE community it has the potential to be. Girth gainers, I welcome you to try this routine but this is a PE forum, and anyone is welcome to discuss any form of PE. There is no obligation to use only the Bootcamp routine, everyone is free to start threads about anything PE related.

I am one of you
I have the key to real fast girth gains
I have real evidence of my gains
Im willing to help anyone one on one

Is this forum a good thing for PE?

You do the math

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The Jelcrush
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