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 How could I talk my husband into signing up

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PostSubject: How could I talk my husband into signing up   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:33 am

I dont want to hurt his feelings, he has a 5 inch penis, I saw this forum browsing on, I love to look at those big ones, Im a little naughty arnt I?

We have been married for about 6 years. He always used to make me feel good in bed, but as time has gone on things have gone sour. I like to experiement with positions but he just wont try anything new. I want to tell him that his penis doesnt do it for me anymore when in a normal position. I think I should tell him about this forum or some sort of programme where he could enlarge his penis, even an inch would be great. Its not that hte length isnt enough, it does the job, just. But its really skinny, we have neaver measured it around, he would never let me, but im guessing it must be under 5 inches girth. More like 4 inches.

I had a boyfriend when I was at University, he was at least 6 inches, but it was so fat, like a wrist. Really miss those days. But I chose my husband because I love him, and not for his penis.

Does anyone have any advice? I need to get him to try something. What is pumping like? Would I have to help him? Im willing to try aything. I will try to get him online later.
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PostSubject: Re: How could I talk my husband into signing up   Tue Feb 15, 2011 5:16 am


Glad you could stop by, try letting your husband know how god it feels when you are having sex, tell him he feels bigger today even when you know that he doesnt. Ask him if he has been pumping his penis or doing any sort of "Mens exercise" he will look into it if he thinks you are liking it. He might want to make it bigger if he thinks it is something that turns you on and will result in more sex.

Just a thought.
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How could I talk my husband into signing up
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