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PostSubject: -NEWBIE ERECT GAINS ARE A MYTH- read why   Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:36 am

Same old story, some poor guy comes along with high expectations, joins a PE forum then reads about other guys that have been doing a newbie routine for three months and have gained half an inch in length and some girth to go with it! “Great” he thinks, all I have to do is jelq, stretch and warm up and down three times a week, but I must have a lot of healing time otherwise it might not work. He gets advice from some of the great members online who were once as gullible as this poor guy.

Truth is, there is no way you are going to add half an inch onto your penis just by jelqing, FORGET ABOUT IT, its not possible. But that doesn't mean you will wont measure half an inch bigger or maybe more.

Let me explain, Forums are great for information and everything, support, free advice, but when it comes to gains, the newbie routine just isn't going to cut it. If you want to gain REAL ERECT LENGTH, you are going to need more than jelling and rest my friend.

The reason you might see an increase in size is this, you will have probably measured wrong in the beginning. If you have just found a PE forum and you have just started a newbie routine, chances are you don't know how to measure properly. Then you have your high moral and expectations. You have been reading on the forum for a while, thinking about joining and doing the newbie routine. You WANT TO BELIEVE that it works, so subconsciously you under-measure yourself, this is usually done by not obtaining a full erection, so you note down a smaller size.

Now after the newbie routine is completed and time has passed you are ready to measure. Your so sure its bigger, it feels better, harder, it just must be bigger, I'm sure my partner even sounded like she thought it was bigger. Right? Don't tell me people don't think this way because they do, they want to justifie spending time rubbing their penis hid away in a room. Who wouldn't. This time you might have read up on how to measure properly, and when it comes to measuring you overestimate your size with the ruler pushed in just a little harder. You tell yourself that when you took the initial measurement you were trying to stab yourself so hard that the ruler nearly snapped.

The newbie routine improves erection quality, thats it, forget about anything else, its just not true, its a load of people kidding themselves. You think you are able to put half an inch or even quarter of an inch of tissue onto your penis by jelqing? NO, it doesn't work that way, improved erection is about as good as it gets, but for some people that is enough, but for an 18 year old who has a 5x5 with great erection quality already, its not going to give him anything size wise, he will just be angry that he wasted so much time.

If you want to add real length to your penis, you need to hang. If you want to add real girth to your penis you need to Clamp. We have an exercise here we call the JELCRUSH, its new on the scene of PE. I have been doing this exercise for 6 months and have gained nearly a full inch in girth. That is documented with picture and video on this website and on other PE forums. 17Ml penis routine. Search it on google and see what you come up with. I have been one of the most successful gainers of girth out there, to date. Most of the other people who claim to have gained girth have absolutely no proof. Where is it? What is it? You think good honest sensible people that come onto a website and see some text written at the bottom of your signature are going to believe that you gained 1.5 inches in a year because it just says you did? People want proof, at least a picture, and not a photo shopped one or a stolen one.

Every picture and video you find on this website is legitimate.

Forget about newbie gains, take a measurement if you want, the newbie routine is about conditioning your penis, getting it ready for the hard work ahead, the real gaining. We use it here at bootcamp for that only.

Jelqing is an aid for extreme PE, it wont make your penis any bigger. It will help with circulation and erection quality, discolouration, and healing.

Debate is welcome.

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