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 Age 16-21 PE'ers You Are Not Gaining Using PE

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PostSubject: Age 16-21 PE'ers You Are Not Gaining Using PE   Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:19 am

A lot of Pe'ers are now under twenty years old, lets face it we all have PCs and access to the internet, I'm guessing some that think they are below average start PE at fourteen years old. We need to take a serious look at how men and boys see their own penis size. they have friends at school who might be better developed than them, but they don't want to talk to anyone about it. Its an insecurity that possibly stops them from showering with the boys in the shower room.

They look up how to make your penis bigger online, find a free forum (because they have no credit card) and follow a routine. These boys are not fully developed yet, I'm not just talking about the fourteen year old boys, I'm talking about the sixteen upto twenty and sometimes the twenty one year old that is not fully developed.

If say around fifteen percent of PE'ers are under 21, that means they are still developing, the higher end of that scale will probably be done with length but girth will still be piling on, there is no evidence to say that the penis stops growing at eighteen, its just sciences best guess. There is evidence out there that the penis in some circumstances will continue to grow until twenty one, and sometimes older.

That means that the fifteen percent of people using a PE forum are still developing and using PE exercises that are not needed yet. In Fact you could effect the way your penis develops if you start PE while you are still developing.

The point is, PE is taking credit for this percentage of people and their gains that they think they have made due to PE. We should disregard any PE success that someone has if they are under twenty one. As there is a chance that the gains they have seen over the course of lets sax six months, is down to their development and not PE.

Have a look on some of the forums, ask questions when you see someone who has next gained a super fast half of an inch, you will notice their routine is no different to yours, so how have they gained. You will be told that some things work for some people, that doesn't mean that they will work for you. Rubbish, everyone the penis is made of the same stuff no matter who it belongs to. Lets put an end to this excuse that men make up to make themselves feel better. These fast gainers are probably under twenty one. Ask them their age next time you see one, then post here if this article is correct, I write this from experience.

There is only one way to add fast length and girth onto your penis, and that is through hard work, dedication, and time. If you sway from the job for just one day, forget about it, you will not make it to your goal. This is something that has to come as priority in your life. This BOOTCAMP routine that people are using and making gains, is very extreme, its very new, and its very good. It is made by someone who is a real PE'er just like you. The method of thinking here is quite simple, we believe what we see, if we don't see it, we don't believe it.

If someone claims to have gained anything over a fast period of time, the first question you should ask is “ How old are you”? Lets call this the Twentyone Rule. There will be a list of gaining ruloes on the forum when it has been drafted. these are rules that we will make to ensure the gains we make are real, and only down to the routine you use.


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Age 16-21 PE'ers You Are Not Gaining Using PE
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