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 Thread Partnership With Womens Breast Enlargement Forum

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PostSubject: Thread Partnership With Womens Breast Enlargement Forum   Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:40 am

I have been meaning to do this for a while. If you look online you will find women who just like us are trying to improve themselves.

They use exercises to make their breasts larger, I have asked them to make a section on this forum, to express their thoughts on penis enlargement, most of these women are married, and will give their point of view on penis size.

This will be good for both forums, and be a giant leap towards understanding the opposite sex's desire to be bigger than what they already are.

I have started this thread to look for support, they will be visiting here and making a thread when they have time, Here is what one lady said with a link to the forum for validation.


I will go into what I think about penis size. I think this chart (going to attach a picture) sums it up best. Believe it or not (and I know this for a fact because girls talk) women DON'T want as big as males think we want. Males seem to think we want 8-11 inches long which is further from the truth for most women, at least in my experience from girl talk. Now for the chart, my own husband falls into the A category and I feel that is the ideal category for me personally. You know how some males say more than a handful is a waste referring to breast size? Well I say more than 7 1/2 long and 6 1/2 thick is a waste, why? Because I can't fit more than that inside me! Also more than that in thickness would hurt too much, so I wouldn't want to have sex at all, so again, a waste. But that's my opinion on it. I think you will find most women won't be so open to share their opinion on this matter because, again my opinion, some males get off to women talking about this subject. Will I go to your forum and discuss this? No, probably not. I'm a married woman, completely happy with my husband and his size, and would have no interest or business going there. Good luck with it though!

We assured this nice women that men on this forum will not be getting off on anything, we are a nice community and we should all treat her with respect if she does post here.

Thank you


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Thread Partnership With Womens Breast Enlargement Forum
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